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     I am an artist but, I am also an advocate in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

     I am so glad you stopped by this page. 

    This is the most important section on my website.  Let me tell you a story about how it all began.

     In 2017 I had the priviledge of going to Germany to work with an organization called Kianos.  

     Kainos is a nonprofit ministry working against human trafficking and sexual exploitation in prostitution in Stuttgart, Germany and around the world.

     After spending time with the beautiful young women in the brothels I left Germany changed.  I knew that I had to do more than what I had done.  I started with a simple piece of jewelry, a necklace with 6 small charms. Five of those represented a letter in the word Brave. 

B-Beautiful (a pearl)

R-Ransomed (an icthus)

A-Adored (a flower)

V-Victorious (a palm leaf)

E-Empowered (a cross)

     The last charm added was a butterfly that represents freedom. I wanted my customers to wear that necklace and know that they were part of changing a young woman's future. In addition I added a bracelet as well. 

     Each piece of jewelry that I made I gave a portion of the profits to Kianos.  It was a slow start and I knew I needed to do more.  So, after taking some time away from creating jewelry I decided that I had to do something that would have lasting beauty and an eternal impact of the lives of these young women. That is when I began painting.  It quickly became my passion!

       Every item sold from this website will help with this important work.  I am committed to helping in this fight.  I hope you will join me.  When you buy a painting I will give 20 % of all my proceeds to organizations like Kianos and in the years ahead as my business grows so will my ability to give more.  

     I hope you will join me in ending the sex trafficking of young women in Germany and around the world.  


Thank you and God bless. 


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