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Hello, my name is Pam Sims and I am an artist and surface pattern designer. I am passionate about the world outside.


I live in a thriving college town in central Arkansas but, I love the beautiful scenery of the state and I am on a never-ending journey of discovery.

I am inspired by nature and it never disappoints!  No two days are the same.  We have a saying here, "If you don't like the weather just stick around a few hours and it is going to change."  They call Arkansas the "Natural State" because of the abundance of nature that surrounds us from the Delta to the Ozarks, we have it all. 


I love working with acrylic and watercolor paint inspired by a world filled with color.  No two works are the same and I love that.  I am not constrained by any one style of painting.  I love the freedom of creating work that moves from realism to abstract.  It keeps things fresh and unhindered.  I never know until I pick up the brush and begin the process where it will end up!

As a surface pattern designer I am able to use my art in a digital format and create patterns that will be on products we all use everyday.  It is so much fun to create a pattern, add it to a mock-up of fabric, home decor, wallpaper and more and see what it will look like on those products.   The possibililites for my surface patterns is endless.  

I hope you will browse this site and find something that will excite you.  If you are a interested in being a licesencing partner I would love to visit with you about about making products that we both are proud of.   To see more of my work and view my portfolio  click one of the link buttons below. 

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Surface Pattern Designs

Welcome to my website. Click one the links below to see samples of some of my designs and my current portfolio.  If you are looking to collaborate with me please contact me.  I would love to talk to you. 

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Pam Sims
Conway, AR
Phone: 501-358-8624


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